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Call bridge is played amongst 4 players with 52 cards. Below is a list of all 52 cards in order of rank from highest to lowest. Therefore, Ace has the highest rank and 2 has the lowest. All Cards Image Each player is dealt 13 cards randomly at the start of a play. Players can only see their own cards as in the example hand below.

After the cards have been dealt, each player then makes a call (or prediction) of how many tricks he/she can win. A trick is 4 cards played by each player in turn. Below is an example of a trick. Player 4 wins this trick since he/she has played the highest card (Ace). You can also see what each player called in the above picture. For example, Player 1 has made 2 calls. Which means that he/she will need to win at least 2 tricks. Winning less tricks than called is a loss. Winning equal to or one extra trick than called is a win. Getting 2 or more extra tricks is a loss. A win adds the called value to the players score. A loss subtracts the called value from the score.

In the example above Player 1 has made a call of 2. Therefore, if the player wins less than 2 tricks, he/she will be in loss and two points will be subtracted from the player's score. If the player wins 2 or 3 tricks (equal to call or one extra is ok), 2 points will be added to the player's score. Winning too many tricks than called is a loss as well. So if the player wins 4 or more tricks, he/she will incur a loss and 2 points will be subtracted from the player's score.

After cards have been dealt to each player and all players have finished making calls, the first player starts the play by playing any card of any suite. This is the start of a trick. The player who plays the first card of the trick is the leading player and the the suite played is the leading suite. The next cards in the trick have to follow this suite.

In call bridge Spade is the trump suite. That means that if a player doesn't have any card from the leading suite, he/she can play any card of spade and can win the trick.

Trump is a must in call bridge. Which means if a player does not have cards of the leading suite, but has any spade, he/she must trump. Over trump is also a must. So if any of the previous hands has already trumped, and the player has a bigger trump card, he/she must play it. However, if a player doesn't have any card from the leading suite, nor any trump card, he/she can play any card form the hand. However, that is a dead trick, since a card that is neither of the leading suite, nor a trump card has no rank.

Hands in call bridge go counter clock-wise. Therefore, the next hand to play is the player to the right. Thus all 4 players play a card each in turn. The winning player playes the leading card for the next trick. As the leading card he/she can play any card from any suite that others will have to comply to.

Therefore, based on the rules above, a player wins the trick if he/she played:
  • The biggest trump card.
  • In case no trump card was played, the biggest card of the suite

In the following picture Player 1 played hearts. So the leading suite is Hearts. Player 4 wins the trick since he/she played the highest ranked card out of the 4 cards played.

Trick Example 1

In the following picture player 1 started the trick with dice. Player 2 does not have any dice in hand so he/she trumped with 3 of spade. However, player 4 over trumped with 6 and wins the trick.

Trick Example 2

Still confused? Why don't you give it a try? It's easier than you think!!!!!!

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